Xender App Download for Android, iOS, Windows

Xender App: There was a time when we used to transfer files from one mobile device to another using Bluetooth which would take lots of time for complete transfer. Luckily in the current times there are many apps in the app world which transfer files from one device to another just in a matter of a few seconds using internet connection.Currently one of the most famous APK app for sharing files from one device to another is the Xender app. It is fast, potent and more dependable than other apps available in the market. Download and install Xender app and start transferring files between devices.

Xender app is compatible with iOS, windows and Android. You can get Xender app free of cost irrespective of the device. Get Xender App for Android, Xender app for Windows, Xender App for iOS for easy file transfer regardless of the size.

Xender which sounds like sender is used to send files across platforms like Android, iOS and PC with just a simple necessity of internet connectivity which in today’s world is basic amenity. It was built with the sole purpose of avoiding on the dependency of external device which is a hassle to carry and the use of Bluetooth which extremely slow in transferring large files.

Salient Xender App Features:

  • Share files conveniently between mobile devices
  • Transfer and receive anything i.e. Music, movies, apps, photos etc.
  • Transfer files in a group at one go just by selecting them.
  • Very fast, reliable and protected.
  • Transfer files from platform (PC/MAC) to another (Android Phones).
  • Transfer Files from one operating system device (Windows/iOS) to another (Android).
  • Supports sharing of files from one platform to another (Cross-Platform).

Download and Install Xender App for Android

Downloading Xender for Android is made simple with these steps given below:-

  • Open Google Play store on your Android phone and try searching for Xender APK
  • On finding Xender click on “Install”. A pop-up will appear on the screen which will ask you to accept the terms and download Xender for Android
  • After you click on “Accept” the download starts

Installing Xender APK for Android:

  • After the app is downloaded, install the app by trying to open the app.
  • The app gets installed automatically if it was downloaded using Google Play Store
  • Once the installation of the Xender APK is complete a shortcut to the app is generated on your home screen.
  • Now open the app and start transfer of any files you like with ease.

Download Xender App for iOS

Xender is compatible with iOS. It is an easy to use app with which you can transfer numerous files in no time. It is available for iPhones and if you are looking to download this app on your iPhone then search for Xender App for ios on iTunes and download it from there. Once you have downloaded the app you should install it and start transferring your files by using this app.

Download Xender App for Windows PC

The Xender app is mainly developed for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices but it can also be installed on PC’s by using an emulator which is widely available across the internet. Let us see how to install Xender app on a PC (Windows) using an Emulator.

To Download and install the Xender app on PC (Windows) we require an android emulator. There are a lot of Android emulators present in the internet world today.

To download and install the Xender app for PC (Windows) we will be using the NoxApp Player Emulator. Here are the steps to download and install Xender app with the help of NoxApp Player emulator:

  • First download and install the NoxApp player emulator which is easily available across the internet on your PC
  • Download the Xender Apk file and right click to open it using the NoxApp Player emulator and start installing the application
  • After the Xender app is successfully installed an icon will be visible on the screen, this is basically the shortcut to the app. Open the app and start sharing your files across devices.